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Where can I buy computer software in Bangkok?

Reader’s E-mail:

Hi, I am in Bangkok and I want to buy some software. In particular I am after Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Any idea where to go?

Reply from Thailand Info

A good place to try Pantip Plaza on the Phetchaburi Road.

Pantip Plaza

There are lots of kiosks with every conceivable type of software available for purchase at 200 to 300 THB a disk. You simply pick the disk you want, they normally have a cluster of programmes on one disk, and come back 20 minutes later and hey presto they have burnt you a disk.

They Do Not Always Work

They don’t always work. If you are leaving to go back home perhaps buy 2 from different kiosks as a fail safe.

Getting to Pantip Plaza

To get to Pantip Plaza the nearest BTS station is Ratchathewi. Leave the Ratchathewi station at exit 4, walk north to the intersection and then turn right along Petchaburi Road. Pantip Plaza is the shopping centre on your right about 750 metres down the Petchaburi Road. If after leaving the BTS station if you cross over a wide canal then turn back as you have gone the wrong way.

Location of Pantip Plaza

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