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What is the best train journey in Thailand?

Reader’s E-mail:

I would like to do a train journey in Thailand, but I have only a few days. Which one is the best?

Reply from Thailand Info

If you are only ever going to do one train journey in Thailand then it has to be the Special Express Number 7 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai leaving every day at 08.30 and arriving at approximately 19.30 in Chiang Mai. You can fly back to Bangkok with either Air Asia, Nok Air or Bangkok Airways if you are short time (this domestic air route is very cheap).

Special Express Number 7 to Chiang Mai

The majority of this journey is completed in day light – it gets dark in Thailand at around 18.30 every day. On the way you get to see a large part of Thailand with the scenery changing as you progress through the journey.

The Journey

The journey starts on the central plains of Thailand which are a flat expanse of rice fields. About 2 hours into the journey you pass through Lop Buri. Be sure to look out for the temple on your left as you come into Lop Buri, you can see the monkeys from the train.

The Mountains

From the flat plains you pass into the mountains and the train winds its way through dense jungle up a steep incline. As the light is fading you come down the other side of the mountains into vast marsh and lake area before you come to the plain where Chiang Mai is located.

This is a brilliant journey, although a little tiresome towards the end as you travel in the dark for last few hours. Bring a good book for this part of the journey.

Booking Train Tickets in Advance

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