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Ruen Peak Mai Restaurant in Udon Thani

Ruen Peak Mai is a gem of a restaurant near Udon Thani airport.

Fish Restaurant

Ruen Peak Mai Restaurant

Ruen Peak Mai Restaurant

They specialise in fish dishes, which you may find surprising given that Udon Thani is a long way away from the sea. Nonetheless, when I went with my wife, her friend and their children we had a great meal which cost very little, which was lucky because I picked up the bill. See below for a description of what we had and what it cost.

The Bill came to 1,335 THB for 5 people

Lots of great food at Ruen Peak mai

Lots of great food at Ruen Peak mai

We ordered the following:

  • 2 large Singha
  • 2 large bottles of Pepsi
  • Yam kai mangda talay (horse shoe crab egg salad)
  • Pad pakruen see sahai (four types of vegetable fried in oyster sauce)
  • Fried rice with seafood
  • Yam plaanin (fried fish with garlic, lemon grass, chilli, peanut and tamarind sauce)
  • Thawt man plaa (mixed crab, seaweed and fish, fried in breadcrumb)
Pond and Fountain

Yam kai mangda talay

Horse shoe crab egg salad

Restaurant around a pond with a fountain. Table and benches in small individual sala. Good service. Watch out though as they refill your drinks constantly and bring more bottles without checking first which may lead to your spending more than you think.

Horse Shoe Crab Egg Salad

The horse shoe crab egg salad came in the crab’s shell. The eggs were mixed with green mango and tasted a little bit like som tam salad with fish eggs, but different.

Thawt man plaa

Crab, seaweed and fish in breadcrumb

Thawt Man Plaa

The Thawt man plaa comes like a sausage which is sliced for presentation on the plate. This is not the same as a regular fish cake. It tasted a bit like a very delicate slightly fishy version of chicken.

Yam Plaa Nin

The Yam plaa nin involves a high degree of preparation. The fillets are removed from the fish and cut into chunks and deep fried. They are then mixed with deep fried garlic, chilli, lemon grass and crushed peanuts into a type of salad. This salad is then presented on top of the remainder of the fish, which also has been deep fried, with a tamarind sauce on top. Very tasty indeed.

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