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Tanaporn Massage, Koh Phangan

Located in Thong Nai Pan Noi, Tanaporn Massage has been open since 2007. This massage house was built from scratch using local materials (wood and bamboo weave for the roof) in a traditional Thai style and sits within a beautiful garden.

Massage at Tanaporn Massage House

Massage at Tanaporn Massage House


Tanaporn Massage House is located in the centre of Thong Nai Pan Noi village next door to Star Huts restaurant. To get there walk along the main road of the village’s single shopping street starting at the beach near Buri Rasa Village and going away from the sea. Take the second turning to the right (about 50 metres up) and you will see the massage house on the right hand side.

Ms Porn

The head masseuse, and owner, is Ms Porn. Tanaporn is her family name. Ms Porn has been working as a masseuse for over 25 years at some of the top spas in Thailand. Her standards are very high and this is reflected in the massages she gives and those of her staff.

Friendly Service

Tanaporn Massage is a friendly family business and many of the customer come back every year. There are lots of very good reviews about this business on TripAdvisor and other similar websites. I know them well and I would recommend this massage house to everyone.

Advance Booking is Recommended

You can walk in and get a massage without booking only when its low season, generally you need to visit in advance to book as this business gets very busy in high season. Sometimes you need to book a day in advance. They normally open from 10.00 until 20.00 every day except during the rainy season (October to Mid December).

You can find them on the web at their website or on facebook.

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