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Review of Lae Lay Restaurant, Sichon

Lae Lay Restaurant is located near Sichon Beach overlooking the Pak Nam Sichon river mouth and Sichon fishing port. This is a great location as it gives diners fantastic panoramic views, which is exploited to the fullest extent by the open sided design of the restaurant.

Lae Lay is a Family Run Restaurant

Front entrance of Lae Lay Restaurant

Front entrance of Lae Lay Restaurant

Lae Lay is a small family run operation. At full capacity they can seat about 30 people. The restaurant is well presented with some thought and effort having gone into design and artwork.

Food At Lae Lay Restaurant

The food was less good than the view and the design of the restaurant unfortunately. When I say ‘less good’ I should define that in a bit more detail so as not to give a false impression: the food was slightly above average, but we were expecting more given the very special location and look of the restaurant.

Menu at Lae Lay Restaurant

We ordered the following:

  • Phad Char Pla Kapong (sea bass) – 150 THB
  • Som Tam cucumber salad – 60 THB
  • Seafood fried rice – 120 THB
  • Large Leo beer – 80 THB
  • Small water – 10 THB
  • Bucket of ice – 10 THB
Value For Money

Food at Lae Lay Restaurant

Our Lunch at Lae Lay Restaurant

For a total bill of 430 THB we felt the meal represented fair value for money. The fried sea bass ‘Phad Char’ I liked, but my Thai wife didn’t as she felt they had deviated too far from the traditional recipe. The seafood fried rice was OK but the seafood could have been fresher considering the closeness of the restaurant to a fishing port. The cucumber salad was unremarkable.

Overall A Good Experience

Lae Lay Restaurant overlooks a small fishing port

Lae Lay Restaurant overlooks a small fishing port

All in all I liked Lae Lay Restaurant. I would go again because of the view and because it is not expensive. However, I cannot help but feel that the owners have missed a great opportunity here. Clearly they have done a good job of developing the restaurant to what it is now, but with a bit more effort (and perhaps a new chef) I feel they could have a very bright commercial future ahead of them and many happy diners.

Location of Lae Lay Restaurant in Sichon

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