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My Thai girlfriend gets jealous whenever I go out, what should I do?

Reader’s E-mail:

Whenever I go out with my friends my Thai girlfriend gives me loads of grief when I get back. it is really annoying. I love her but I can’t deal with the shouting, throwing things around and accusations that I am seeing other girls. What can I do?

Reply from Thailand Info

This is very common. You are not alone.

Reasons For The Jealousy

Either she has had a bad experience in the past, she is trying to control to you, or she feels left out particularly if you are leaving her at home on her own. Probably a bit of all three.

A Cure For Your Problem

The way to deal with this really simple. Invite her out with you next you go out. If your friends also have Thai girlfriends or wives get them to come out as well.

Mars and Venus in Thailand

Western men have very different interests to Thai girls and these interests are often drinking, sports and talking rubbish all at the same time. All very innocent and your girlfriend will realise that over time. At the moment she has no idea what you are doing when you are out.

Invite Your Thai Girlfriend on A Night Out With You

Attempting to include her in what you are doing will address her concerns and make her feel included. She probably won’t want to come out with you after the first couple of times, either that or she will make friends with another Thai girl in your group of friends and they will talk together whilst you enjoy yourself with your friends. Either way it will make her feel a lot happier and save you the earache.

Jealous Thai girlfriend

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