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Bus times & flights – Ranong to Bangkok

There are two ways to get from Ranong to Bangkok:

  • Option 1: Fly to Bangkok.
  • Option 2: Take a bus to Bangkok.

Flights to Bangkok

Compared to other more popular routes such as between Bangkok and Chiang Mai flights from Ranong to Bangkok are relatively expensive. In addition the airport in Ranong is a fairly long way from the pier for ferries to and from Koh Phayam: 26.8 km. The cheapest way to get from Koh Phayam to Ranong Airport is to take a shared taxi from the main road outside the ferry pier in Ranong and then take a bus service from Pon’s Place office, 129 Ruangrat Road which is in the centre of Ranong town near Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Ranong Education Center. The bus fare from Ranong town to Ranong airport is 200 THB.

Ranong - Don Mueang Airport ฿ 1,193–2,349 1h 25m – 1h 30m
  •   Economy 08:00, 12:35, 13:35, 18:45
  • Ranong Airport: Ranong Airport is 26 km away from the ferry pier to Koh Phayam.
  • Bangkok Airport: Flight from Ranong land at Don Mueang Airport.

Bus Times to Bangkok

Travel by bus from Ranong to Bangkok is only 20% of the cost of flying there.  There are two bus companies providing services from Ranong to Bangkok which you can book online:

Company 1: Niomit Tour Company 
Service Ranong Bangkok Ticket
VIP 20.00 06.45 515 THB 

  • Journey Time: 10 hours 45 minutes
  • Departure Point: Ranong Bus Station
  • Arrival Point: Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal
Company 2: ChokeAnan Tour
Service Ranong Bangkok Ticket
Express 08.00 18.00 473 THB
Express 20.00 06.00 473 THB
VIP 20.00 06.00 540 THB
VIP 24 20.00 06.45 697 THB

  • Journey Time: 10 hours 00 minutes
  • Departure Point: Ranong Bus Station
  • Arrival Point: Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal

Buy Tickets to Bangkok

Use the Search Box below to buy bus tickets and flights from Ranong to Bangkok. 

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Koh Phayam is becoming more popular every year and this is increasing demand for bus tickets and flights from Ranong to Bangkok. Koh Phayam gets busiest from November to May every year and during those months it makes sense to book in advance. During the rainy season from May to October the demand for tickets is likely to be low and you probably don’t need to book in advance.

Travel to Ranong Bus Station

Ranong bus station is located in Ranong town. From the pier, where ferries arrive from Koh Phayam, it is a 6.1 km journey to Ranong bus station. The cheapest way to travel from the ferry pier is to walk to the main road near the pier (the Chaloem Phrakiat Road) and flag down a red and blue songthaew taxi. A songthaew taxi is a converted pick up truck with 2 rows of seats in the back. The journey should cost 20 THB per person from the pier to Ranong bus station. You can also take a motorbike and that will cost around 70 THB for one person.

Ranong Bus Station

  • Address: 6/60-61, Moo 1, Phetkasem Road, Tambon Bang Rin, Amphoe Mueang Ranong

Southern Bus Terminal

Sai Tai Mai is the local name for Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal. Sai Tai Mai bus station is located on Western side of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River.

Prang at Wat Arun

Prang at Wat Arun in Bangkok

Unfortunately this major station is not close to to either a metro (MRT) station or elevated railway (BTS) station. To reach the Southern Bus Terminal from Central Bangkok you need to take a very long bus journey, take a taxi or take the BTS skytrain as far as Bang Wa BTS station and then take a taxi 9.1 km to the bus terminal. A meter taxi from Bang Wa BTS station to the Southern Bus Terminal costs 80 to 100 THB.

Location of the Southern Bus Terminal

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