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How to get from Pattaya to Bangkok

Low cost bus and minivan services depart from Pattaya Bus Terminal to Bangkok throughout the day:

  • Bus: The Roong Reuang Coach Company has 6 bus departures a day from Pattaya Bus Terminal to Bangkok. The service is very cheap and takes 3 hours to get to reach Bangkok.
  • Minivan: Bell Travel has 3 minivan services a day from Pattaya Bus Terminal. These tickets are more expensive although the journey time is also 3 hours from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Travel Times to Bangkok

Company Pattaya Bangkok Ticket
Roong Reuang  08.00 11:00 129 THB
Bell Travel 09.00 12.00 400 THB
Roong Reuang  09.30 12.30 120 THB
Roong Reuang  13.00 16.00 129 THB
Bell Travel 13.00 16.00 400 THB
Roong Reuang  13.30 16.30 120 THB
Roong Reuang  17.00 20.00 129 THB
Bell Travel 17.00 20.00 400 THB
Roong Reuang 17.30 20.30 120 THB

The buses are not luxury but comfortable enough for a 3 hour journey. Be aware that some of the buses on this service go to Morchit Bus Station and others go to Ekkamai Bus Station. Ekkamai bus station is more convenient if you are staying near the Sukhumvit Road or near the Silom RoadThe minivan service provided by Bell Travel terminates at the Bell Travel Office near to Udom Sak BTS station.

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Bus to Morchit Bus Station

  • Departure Times from Pattaya: 08.00, 13.00, 17.00
  • Travel Company: Roong Reuang Coach

These services arrive at Morchit Bus Station is located in the North of Bangkok city centre by Chatuchak Park. For onwards travel its a 10 minute taxi ride to either Chatuchak MRT (metro) station or Mo Chit BTS (Skytrain) station.

Bus to Ekkamai Bus Station

  • Departure Times from Pattaya: 09.30, 13.30, 17.30
  • Travel Company: Roong Reuang Coach

These services arrive at Ekkamai Bus Station which is located on the upper end of the Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. The most convenient of Bangkok’s bus stations as it is the only one within easy walking distance of a BTS (skytrain) station – Ekkamai BTS station.

Minivan to Bell Travel Office

  • Departure Times from Pattaya: 09.00, 13.00, 17.00
  • Bus Company: Bell Travel

These services arrive at the Bell Travel Office which is located on the Bang Na-Trat Road in Bangkok. From there it is a 2.2 km taxi journey to Udom Sak BTS from where you can use the Sky Train to travel most destinations in Central Bangkok.

Location of Bell Travel Office in Bangkok

Pattaya Bus Terminal

Pattaya Bus Terminal is located on the North Pattaya Road about 3 km from Central Festival Mall in the centre of Pattaya. Your best option is to take a taxi there, although the cost of the taxi is likely to be more than the price of a single ticket on the bus to Bangkok.

Location of Pattaya Bus Terminal

Arrival in Bangkok

Bus from Pattaya to Bangkok

One of the many ornate buildings in Bangkok

There are three arrival points in Bangkok depending upon which service you use. The bus services terminates at either the Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit) or the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai). The minivan service terminates at the travel company’s office on the outskirts of Central Bangkok. Ekkamai Bus Terminal is only bus station within walking distance of a convenient public transport station for onward travel in Bangkok. 

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