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Bus & train times – Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok

Koh Phi Phi does not have an airport so there are three options for travel from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok:

  • Option 1: Take a joint ferry bus service direct from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok.
  • Option 2: Take a ferry to Krabi and fly from Krabi International Airport to Bangkok.
  • Option 3: Take a ferry and then a bus to Surat Thani and from there take a train to Bangkok.

The cheapest option is to take a joint ferry and bus service from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok. If you book cheap flight tickets from Krabi to Bangkok then travelling by air costs about the same amount as travelling by train, although you can book an inexpensive and fairly comfortable sleeper berth on trains from Surat Thani to Bangkok and save on the cost of a night in a hotel. Trains in Thailand are also fun.

Option 1: Bus to Bangkok

This ferry and bus service terminates in Bangkok near to the popular Khao San Road where you can find many cheap (and also not so cheap) places to stay.

Phi PhiBangkokPriceCompanyJourney
13.0005.30฿ 1,050Jolly Travel16 hrs 30 min
  • The ferry journey from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi takes around 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • From Krabi the next section of the journey to Bangkok is by bus.
  • Without breaks the driving time from krabi to Bangkok is slightly over 9 hours 30 minutes.
  • Joint ferry and bus services from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok from depart from Ton Sai Pier:

  • The arrival point in Bangkok for this service is the Jolly Travel Office on the Rambutri Alley near to the Khao San Road:

Buy Tickets to Bangkok

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  • For travel from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi Airport change the destination to ‘Krabi’.
  • For flights from Krabi to Bangkok change the starting point to ‘Krabi Airport’ and the destination to ‘Don Mueang Airport’.
  • For joint ferry and bus ticket to Surat Thani train station change the destination to ‘Suratthani Trainstation’.
  • For train tickets from Surat Thani to Bangkok change the starting point to ‘Suratthani Trainstation’ and the destination to ‘Bangkok’.

Option 2: Fly from Krabi to Bangkok

There are four direct services a day from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi Airport departing at 10.30 (2 departures), 15.00 and 15.30. All services depart from Ton Sai Pier and take 3 hours to reach to Krabi Airport. Tickets cost 650 THB for the 10.30 and 15.30 departures and 1,150 THB for the other 10.30 service and the 15.00 departure. From Krabi Airport there are over 16 daily flights to either Don Mueang Airport, which is the closest one to central Bangkok and the cheapest one to travel to, or to Suvarnabhumi Airport which is where most of the international flights depart from.

  • Route Map from Koh Phi Phi to Krabi Airport:

Option 3: Train

This is a two part journey. The first part of the journey is a ferry and bus journey from Koh Phi Phi to Surat Thani Train Station. There are two daily departures from Ton Sai Pier (in Koh Phi Phi) to Surat Thani Train Station operated by Phantip Travel. These services depart at 08.15 and 13.00 and cost 700 THB per person. The journey time is 6 hours 15 minutes or 6 hours 30 minutes depending on which service you take.

Train to Bangkok via Surat Thani

You can travel from Koh Phi Phi to Bangkok by train via Surat Thani

The next stage of the journey by train from Surat Thani to Bangkok is scheduled to take from 9 hours 5 minutes to 12 hours 46 minutes depending on which train you take.

  • From Surat Thani there are 10 trains a day to Bangkok:
Surat ThaniBangkokService TypeTrain
10.4019.45Special Express40
20.4105.55Special Express42/44
23.2810.10Special Express38
23.5710.30Special Express32

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