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How do you ask a Thai girl out on a date?

Reader’s E-mail

There is this really nice Thai girl in the school in bangkok where I work. Dont worry she works there as well – she isn’t one of my students!. we get on really well and i want to ask her out. How should I do it?

Reply from Thailand Life

You need to make the first move my friend, and have a plan in my mind before you ask her. Good girls in Thailand are really normally shy – it’s part of the culture. If you don’t ask then you will wait literally years before it ever happens.

Plan Your Date

The way to do it is to plan a time and place in advance before you ask the girl out on a date. Arranging a date for the next day to go to the cinema and then have some food is nearly always a winner. Thai girls do not normally drink a lot, so going to a bar or club as the main event of the evening is not likely to be something she will enjoy (unless you are with a big group of friends in which case it is not a date in her mind). For a more ‘modern’ Thai girl a short visit to a hip bar after dinner will probably work well. Getting drunk in there for hours on end is likely to put her off.

Going on a date with a Thai Girl

Take The Initiative

Whatever you do, don’t give her options on the date. Thai girls are notoriously indecisive in this type of situation. This is cultural. Young Thai ladies very rarely get asked their opinion on things like this where men are concerned, and they won’t want to make a suggestion for fear of getting it wrong. After years with my Thai wife I still can’t get her to suggest which restaurant we go, the best I can hope for is a disappointed look on her face if I select the wrong one. Therefore, pick the time, pick the movie and pick the restaurant.

What to Talk About

Conversation can sometimes be difficult, particularly if her English isn’t good. A sure fire good topic of conversation is to talk about your family and hers. Family is really important to Thai people, and she will want to know about your family and for you take an interest in her family.

Try Internet Dating with Thai Girls

As a final bit of advice, if this is a first date don’t get any expectations of physical contact. The ‘three date rule’ tends to apply for most good girls in Thailand. And if things do not look good at that stage give Thai Love Lines a go.

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