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How do I break up with my Thai girlfriend?

Reader’s E-mail:

I have had enough of my Thai girlfriend. She is getting more and more crazy and jealous by the day. How should I break up with her? We live in the same town (I am a teacher) and I think breaking up with her may cause me problems. I also don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Reply from Thailand Info

Sorry to hear that it hasn’t worked out for you.

Not a pleasant experience

In my experience Thai girls rarely take break ups well. Not hurting her feelings is out of the question. I have had serious problems in the past (before I met my lovely wife) breaking up with Thai girls. I asked several Thai men over the years this same question and the standard response is ‘Move to another Town’. This is a joke, but it has an element of truth to it.

Breaking up with a Thai lady may cause her a huge loss of face, and do not be surprised if get anything from suicide threats, attempted stabbings (I kid you not!), to mild harassment like constant telephone calls – if you are lucky. This passes in a month or two and you have no option but to tough it out. Sorry mate. Most of us foreigners in Thailand have been there.

Make an Excuse

If you can think of a good excuse – like I have decided that I am gay – then try that. Otherwise, move, change your telephone number or perhaps get a new girlfriend who can fight your battles for you.

What my Friend Did

When I first came to Thailand a new found friend of mine told me that he did a bunk whilst his girlfriend was in the shower, and had her chasing him down the street in her towel whilst he sped off in a tuk-tuk. He had planned his escape in advance and got her to shower after promising to take her out to the cinema. As a newbie I thought this was terrible behaviour. Having been there, done that, I understand it completely.

Should You Feel Guilty?

On a serious note, not every relationship works out and so long as you have been honest and decent then you do not deserve to be treated in this way (unless you are married or have children) by anyone just because you have decided the relationship is not the right thing for you. My view is that if someone is going to be childish about it, then you have every right to be a bit of a ‘cad’ in this situation.

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