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Duang Jai Seafood in Hua Hin

Duang Jai Seafood is one of the open-air seafood restaurants in Hua Hin Night Market. There are many open-air seafood restaurants in Hua Hin Night Market which are very similar in price but Duang Jai Seafood is one of the best. It is very popular with local people who make up the majority of the customers as popular with foreign visitors looking for a different and cheaper option to many Hua Hin’s larger and more expensive seafood restaurants. For visitors with a family they may struggle to pay the bill at some of Hua Hin’s better known eateries however even visitors with a more modest budget could afford to eat well at Duang Jai Seafood every day of the week: Duang Jai Seafood is great value for money.

Duang Jai Seafood Restaurant

Duang Jai Seafood Restaurant

If you have come to Thailand to eat food at restaurants with a table cloth and waiters in jackets then Duang Jai Seafood is not the place for you. This is Thai food, done Thai style and eaten outdoors seating next to a busy market. Duang Jai Seafood is essentially a very nicely presented market stall with a small open air food preparation area. The seafood comes out of the ice, it gets cooked quickly at a very high heat in a wok and then brought to your table, normally within 10 minutes of ordering. The tables and chairs are plastic. They also serve water and beer and some soft drinks. 

Seating at Duang Jai Restaurant

Food at Duang Jai Seafood

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Duang Jai Seafood has a lot of seafood dishes on the menu. Unlike the larger restaurant, Duang Jai Seafood focuses on selling traditional Thai dishes at fixed prices. The larger restaurants are more focused on selling large portions of simply grilled seafood by weight of fish, prawns, lobster etc. This is a different approach to seafood. Duang Jai Seafood is largely catering to a Thai clientele which is more interested in the cooking method and value for money as opposed to simply consuming very large and very expensive portions of seafood. Not that the portions are small at Duang Jai Seafood. The portions are generous and value for money.

Prawns with garlic and pepper at Duang Jai Seafood

Cost of the Food at Duang Jai Seafood

Our meal for two adults cost us 500 THB with drinks. We ordered the following:

  • 1 x fresh coconut to drink
  • 2 x large Leo beer
  • 2 x plain rice
  • 1 x morning glory fried with oyster sauce
  • 1 x prawns fried in garlic and pepper
  • 1 x crab in red curry sauce

Crab in red curry at Duang Jai Seafood

Location of Duang Jai Seafood

  • Inside Hua Hin Night Market on the corner of the Sa Song Road and Dechanuchit Alley

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