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Can I travel direct from Hat Yai Airport to Satun if my flight arrives at 19.35?

Reader’s E-mail

Hi my plane gets into Hat Yai airport at 19.35 pm. Would it be possible to go straight to Satun the same evening? I know most buses and vans go earlier in the day but was hoping to get there the same evening to get the early ferry to Langkawi. If not, what’s the cheapest way of getting from the airport to Hat Yai Centre and where is the best place to get a van or bus from the Centre in the morning out to Satun ferry? Thanks

Reply from Thailand Life

In order to travel by ferry to Langkawi you need to first travel to Koh Lipe. Ferry and speedboat services to Langkawi all depart from the floating platform moored off Koh Lipe. Unfortunately, if arrive at Hat Yai Airport at 19.35 in the evening it will be too late for you to take public transport to either Satun or Pak Bara Pier, which is where ferries and speedboats to Koh Lipe depart from.

Best Option for Travel to Langkawi

Your best option is to spend the night in Hat Yai and then travel to Langkawi the next day. We have considered the timing of the ferries from Pak Bara Pier and we do not think it would be possible for you to reach Koh Lipe in time for either of morning departures to Langkawi even if you took a taxi all the way from Hat Yai Airport to Satun the same evening (which will cost you 1,500 to 2,000 THB). For an easy journey from  the following day book a direct service Hat Yai to Langkawi which includes a minivan to the pier, the ferry over to Koh Lipe, and the ferry from Koh Lipe to Langkawi in the some ticket which currently costs 1,990 THB per person booked online, and departs from Hat Yai Railway Station which is in the centre of Hat Yai City.

Ferry and Speed Boat Times from Pak Bara Pier to Koh Lipe
Company Hat Yai Koh Lipe Cost
Jolly Travel 09.30 11.30 600 THB
Lipe Ferry & Speedboat 09.30 11.30 650 THB
S.P.S.B.C 09.30 11.00 650 THB
Adang Sea Tour 09.30 11.30 650 THB
Lipe Ferry & Speedboat 10.30 12.30 650 THB
Smart En Plus 11.30 13.30 550 THB
Lipe Ferry & Speedboat 11.30 13.00 650 THB
S.P.S.B.C 11.30 13.00 650 THB
Smart En Plus 13.30 15.30 550 THB
Jolly Travel 13.30 15.30 600 THB
Lipe Ferry & Speedboat 15.00 17.00 650 THB
Smart En Plus 15.30 17.30 550 THB
Jolly Travel 15.30 17.30 600 THB
S.P.S.B.C 15.30 17.00 650 THB
Adang Sea Tour 15.30 17.30 650 THB

Ferry and Speed Boat Times from Koh Lipe to Langkawi
Company Koh Lipe Langkawi Cost
S.P.S.B.C 10:30 14.00 1,200 THB
Tigerline Travel 11.00 14.30 1,400 THB
Jolly Travel 16.00 18.30 1,000 THB
S.P.S.B.C 16:00 19.30 1,200 THB
Tigerline Travel 16.00 19.30 1,400 THB

  • Arrival times in Langkawi are in Malaysian time which is 1 hour ahead of Thai time.
Travel from Hat Yai Airport to Hat Yai City

There are three ways to travel from Hat Yai Airport to Hat Yai City centre:

  • Taxi: In the arrival hall at Hat Yai Airport there is an Airport Taxi booth. The latest information we have that the Airport Taxi charges a fixed price of 250 THB for the journey to Hat Yai City centre. This is a discounted promotion price (it normally costs 300 THB) which is about the same as the independent taxis will charge you if you approach them outside the terminal building
  • Minivan: There is a minivan service from the Airport to Hat Yai City. It costs 100 THB per person. Ask the Airport Information desk in the arrival hall.
  • Shared Songthaew Taxi: This service is very cheap, it costs 30 THB per person and terminates at Hat Yai Bus Station, although you want to get off before that as the bus station is several kilometres from the train station. You need to look for a blue songthaew at the far end of the airport car park. They do not run to a fixed schedule and you may need to wait a while for one when you arrive later on the evening.
Minivans to Pak Bara Pier depart from Hat Yai Train Station

Minivans to Pak Bara Pier depart from Hat Yai Train Station

The best place to stay in Hat Yai is near to the train station which is also the liveliest part of Hat Yai City with the best range of hotels, restaurants and shops.

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