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How to get from Koh Tao to Bangkok

There is a choice of three ways to get from Koh Tao to Bangkok:

  • Boat and bus to Chumphon, then a train from Chumphon to Bangkok.
  • Joint boat and bus service from Koh Tao direct to Bangkok.
  • Boat and bus to Chumphon, and public bus from Chumphon to Bangkok.

Buy Tickets to Bangkok

Use the Search Box below to find tickets for a joint ferry and bus service that will take you direct from Koh Tao to Bangkok in a single day as well as other train, ferry and bus services from Koh Tao to Bangkok.

  • Compare ticket prices of different transport companies.
  • Find the best travel times.
  • Book in advance and secure your seat during high season.

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  • Travel Tip: If you purchase a train ticket or a bus ticket from Chumphon remember to also purchase a connecting ferry and bus service from Koh Tao to either the train station or the the bus station, both of which are some distance from any of the ferry piers.

Option 1: Train to Bangkok

SRT logoTake a ferry to any of the three piers near Chumphon and a shared taxi or bus into Chumphon city centre where the train station is located. There are train departures late into the evening so it should be easy enough to catch an overnight train if you set off in the morning from Koh Tao. Booking your train tickets in advance is advisable.

Option 2: Ferry & Bus to Bangkok

The Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company provides an excellent service inclusive of both the ferry to the mainland and connecting bus from there to Bangkok. The entire journey takes around 10 hours, with a morning and afternoon departure every day. 

  • The Lomprayah  service from Koh Tao to Bangkok starts with a high speed ferry journey from Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao to Thung Makham pier near Chumphon.
  • The Lomprayah High Speed Ferry Company has it own fleet of vehicles which it uses to transfer passengers from its ferry piers to their final destination.
bus to bangkok

Lomprayah Bus from Chumphon to Bangkok

  • Bus Travel Times from Koh Tao to Bangkok:
Company Koh Tao Bangkok Journey Cost
Lomprayah 10.15 20.30 10 hrs 15 min 1,150 THB
Lomprayah 14.45 00.30 9 hrs 45 min 1,050 THB

  • Ferry: The first stage of the journey is a 90 minute sea crossing in a high speed catamaran ferry.
  • Bus: The second stage of the journey is 7 hour minute journey in a modern air-conditioned bus with a rest break half way.
  • Arrival: The bus stops in Bangkok very near to the Khao San Road where there are lots of inexpensive small hotels and guest houses.

There is also a budget overnight ferry and bus service from Koh Tao to Bangkok provided by the Songerm Company.

Company Koh Tao Bangkok Journey Cost
Songserm 14.30 05.00 14 hrs 30 min 950 THB

  • Arrival: The Songserm service terminates at the Khao San Road in Central Bangkok.

Option 3: Public bus from Chumphon

Take any of the five boat services over to the mainland to a pier near Chumphon city. The five services each stop at a different pier: Lomprayah (Thong Makham pier), Seatran Discovery (Pak Nam pier), and Songserm (Tha Yang pier), Ko Jaroen Car Ferry (Tha Yang pier) and Talay Sub Night Boat (Tha Yang pier). Tha Yang Pier is the closest pier to Chumphon bus station from where there are frequent departures to Bangkok.

Mae Haad Ferry Pier

Mae Haad pier is the main ferry pier on Koh Tao, and all major ferry services leave from here. Mae Haad pier is near Sairee Beach where the island’s main town is also located. From other parts of the island you can travel to Mae Haad pier by shared taxi or taxi boat.

Location of Mae Haad Pier

Arrival in Bangkok

The Lomprayah Service stops on the Sip Sam Hang Road which is near the start of Soi Rambutri and 2 minutes from the Khao San Road. To travel onto locations such as the Sukhumvit Road or Silom you need to take a taxi. The Lomprayah service arrives in the evening and in this part of Bangkok it can be difficult to get a taxi to use their meter and charge regular fares. If you plan to use the Lomprayah service it may be more convenient to book a hotel in the Khao San Road area.

Location of the Lomprayah Bus Stop

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