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Better Than Sex restaurant, Thong Nai Pan, Koh Phangan

Better than Sex

Better than Sex Restaurant

Located in the idyllic Thong Nai Pan Noi village in the North East of Koh Phangan, Better than Sex is a hip restaurant and bar serving a range of Asian and Western food.

Fusion Cooking

Better than Sex has been open since 2011 providing a good alternative to the standard resort restaurants and Thai eateries you normally find in a Southern Thai tourist resort. Run by the charismatic Mr Pong, Better than Sex has a modern take on cuisine with a number of fusion dishes as well as interesting takes on Thai and Burmese classics. It is also a cool place to eat and drink. A lot of effort has gone into the decor giving it a club like feel reminiscent of a London or New York bar.

Pizza and pasta at Better than Sex

Pizza and pasta at Better than Sex

Pizza and Pasta

Pictured above are the two dishes I had last time I went (December 2014). On the left is a bacon and chilli pasta dish, and on the right is Pizza Moo Phad Kraphow. Moo phad kraphow is a classic Thai dish, which is very popular at lunch time in Thailand served on rice with an egg on top. Moo phad kraphow is basically ground pork fried with Thai basil and has a distinctive flavour from the seasoning with fish sauce, soy sauce, chilli, oyster sauce and sugar to compliment the sweet Thai basil. Genius idea on the part of Mr Pong to put it on pizza to create a fusion Italian/Thai dish. I recommend you try this dish.

Other Dishes

There are lots of other good dishes as well. They have a good selection of fusion and more traditional starters. The bruschetta with tomato and basil is good as are the Laab meatballs. For mains try the Burmese dishes as well. many of the staff are Burmese and they really know how to cook these dishes well. I really like the Burmese curry with green mango, although it is perhaps not going to be to everyone’s taste.


The drinks are also pretty good. I had a banana daiquiri, which you can see me drinking in the picture above. The other cocktails, I am told, are also pretty good. If you like beer give the Beer Lao a go, they sell it here ice cold.

Location Of Better Than Sex

To find Better than Sex walk back from the beach 350 metres along the main road out of Thong Nai Pan Noi. Its on your right, set back from the road behind Sand Bar and Easy Corner, opposite Luna Lounge.

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